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Boracay Beach Pictures

Boracay DeParis Resort is one of the first establishments on this tropical island in the Philippines. In 1980 when Roger De Paris came to Boracay the Island and Beaches were very pristine and vacant of any hotels. Today, Boracay is still very beautiful and still offers 13 pristine white beaches.

Boracay Island, approximately 7 km long (with the narrowest spot being nearly 1 km wide), is located off the northwest corner of the island of Panay, and belongs to the Western Visayas island-group, or Region 6, of the Philippines. It has a total land area of 10.32 square kilometers.

This photo is the northern end of Boracay Island, taken from the backside. The light green areas indicate the Philippines Golf Course, Fairways & Bluewater.

Boracay Beach is an awesome site, with its snow white and powder soft sand, Boracay Beach has become the number one tourist destination within the Philippines Archipelago. Boracay Deparis Resort is located directly at the beachfront. Dine at De Paris Restaurant and watch all of the activities that take place on Boracay Beach.
Boracay Island transportation to and from Panay Island is by local banca boats, a medium sized boat that can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 30 people just depending on the boats size. The banca boat travels from Panay Island across the Tabon Strait to Boracay, depending on the boat station your resort is located nearest to will determine the length of time you will be on the boat. From Panay Island to Diniwid beach is about 45 minutes, station 1 about 40 minutes, station 2 about 30 minutes and station 3 is about 20 minutes.
Boracay Sunsets are truly magical and nothing less then spectacular. Regardless of which boat station you are at, one, two or three, if you are on the west side you can expect to see some beautiful Boracay Sunsets. Boracay Sunsets
Boracay is a tropical Island filled with tourist all searching for that one souvenir that they can carry home, as there reminder of such a beautiful place. Boracay Beach Path, the area that separates many of the Boracay Beach Resorts from the Sulu Sea is lined with shops filled with native items for sale. Boracay Beach would not be complete without the beautiful and tan Boracay Girls in bikini clad beach ware. All along Boracay Beach you will find beautiful Filipina's and ladies from other countries, playing volleyball, swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and scuba diving.
Boracay Sunsets Boracay offers many natural wonders, this is "Willy's Rock" one of the most famous and photographed rocks around Boracay Island. On the end nearest to the shore there is a set of stairs so you can walk out on the rock and do a little exploring.
Boracay Island is not only recognized for its sunsets, but also it's awesome rainbows, after and early morning rain, rainbows like this one, are plentiful. Boracay Beach is filled with volleyball games, just walking along you will most likely be invited to play, no one keeps score and there are no winners or losers here, just folks having fun under the sun.
Boracay Beach Path is lined with small shops selling wares by local crafts people. Boracay Sand Castles, a very popular site along Boracay Beach, all hours of the day and night you can watch the young and old alike building there dream sand castle.

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Boracay DeParis Resort Hotel is located at the heart of Boracay Island Philippines, at the center of boat station 2, near D' Mall and the best nightlife spots on Boracay.
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